Kodiak Rodeo & State Fairgrounds

Annual Rodeo and Fair held on the Fairgrounds, along with supporting a wide variety of Kodiak community events.



The purposes of which this non profit is formed are: 


  1. To provide a means for establishing a Kodiak, Alaska State Fair Site/

  2. To display local livestock and produce. 

  3. To continue the Kodiak Jaycee Rodeo (note the corporation was formally known as the Kodiak Jaycee Rodeo and State Fair, but was legally changed to Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair Incorporated effective July 13, 1989.)

  4. To provide public entertainment. 





“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle

| Winston Church Hill |  



During the winter of 1967-68 the Kodiak Jaycees began discussing ideas for a club project. Two of the members proposed putting on a Rodeo. Most of the club members immediately thought it was a great idea and a fine opportunity for the youth of the community. The first Rodeo was held at Kalsin Bay on the site of the old experimental dairy farm. There was the remains of an old corral and a few pens which had stood since 1941 on the site but little else. After some 2,000 man hours and all the money budgeted for the purpose was spent, the Jaycees were ready to put on their first Rodeo. The local Ranchers furnished the Rodeo stock and a big Bar-B-Que was planned for the approximately 500 expected spectators and contestants. The Kodiak Rodeo has changed since the first Jaycee Rodeo in 1968. But, all who were involved in the first one, will never forget the experience.

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